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Some rules and judgments need to be relaxed so that unconditional love can work its magic. Tolerance is not enough.


Acceptance is the key. This does not mean merely putting up with adverse conditions. It means facing the facts and doing the right thing — just for the sake of it. There is now a strong emphasis on freedom, survival, compassion, personal power, and wisdom.

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This is making you more aware of how stifling life becomes without real and meaningful change. To end one phase and bring about another, you must make simple but real changes to what you already have, instead of merely hoping for positive change to somehow fall out of the sky. To get a new result, you must form a new intent. Focus and determination are needed as you begin the process of finishing something — which will turn out to be the start of something new.

Whatever the case, give it your total presence and participation, which you will be unable to do if you are too concerned about the reactions of others. Be aware of all the details and give your very best. Then, the reaction of others need not worry you at all. Get into it! Unexpected circumstances are prompting you to let your imagination flow freely, and take some kind of action. A new reality or frame of mind is exposing a broader picture and is finally bringing positive movement — not that you were standing still.

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On the contrary, you have been busy tying up loose ends from the past. Accept your present reality, and the emotions it triggers, and you will soon find the next step forward. Free book does not apply to Kindle. This is the first week in a week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 4. Karma implies that we have a lot to learn this week — and a lot to put right.

There is a seriousness about the 4 vibration which can make us feel boxed in — but also increases our desire to break free. Read new article here. You are at the edge of a new reality. Impatience is understandable, but a quieter, humbler, and slower pace is needed if you are to choose well and adapt comfortably.

Comparing your reality to others will bring disappointment. Your needs are simpler than you may think. You cannot accept your reality if you are moving too fast to notice what your reality actually is! While others are preoccupied with their own concerns, you may not receive the kind of attention you want.

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But a positive change is possible. The slowness of this cycle is helping you to develop a genuine confidence which is emerging out of your growing ability to feel your feelings. What you are experiencing now is not the end result, but a vital step towards a larger goal. A phase of your journey must end so that a new one can begin.

Now is the time to devise a new plan of action which is flexible enough to allow matters to unfold naturally — and be open enough to receive the new insight that this cycle contains. Be patient with your progress. Understand the importance of right timing. Acknowledge how strong and purposeful you have become. Your determination, and all your feelings, are coming from your Will — your feminine energy.

Your Will tells your mind what you will and will not accept. The parts of your Will that are free are trying to rescue parts of you that are still restricted. They are also trying to show you a better way to proceed towards something you really want. Slow down. Face the facts. Look closely at how you are living.

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You are trying to organize your own chaos within a chaotic world, and are growing more aware of how easily your mind and emotions can be manipulated. You are slowly unraveling yourself from guilt and blame, and gaining the insight that will keep you safe and free. It is time to assess the true nature of what you are dealing with. Proceed slowly, calmly, and with your eyes and mind wide open. Experience the sensation of your thoughts and feelings coming together in your heart — and agreeing that a certain matter needs your full attention — and the time it takes to know how you truly feel inside.

Once you make an informed decision, much of your stress will loosen its grip and fade away. Both your Mind and your Will are evolving rapidly as they push their way through the numbness of old denial and avoidance. Let your feelings move freely within your body, and you will soon feel much better.

Feel the electricity running through you. This busy cycle of communication, friendship, networking, finances, and work-related matters, is making you more aware of the value of what you have to offer, or what is being offered to you. If you are to prosper from this new insight, you must get organized and prepared for change.

This cycle brings you back to a place in your past in which you experienced a major disillusionment — a time when your decision-making process became corrupted by a judgment that, in life, disappointment pain is inevitable. As old memories resurface, treat them as an opportunity to find, feel, and heal the origins of your present frustration. This healing process will replace an old sense of loss or failure with feelings of originality and optimism. This loud whirlwind of a week marks the end of a ten-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 3, the number of communication.

The atmosphere is likely to change drastically in Week 40 , but first this huge concentration of 3 must complete itself — and we often have the most to learn from a cycle as it comes to an end. This is simply the rhythm of Week 39 in this 3 Month in this 3 Year. Understanding its nature can help us to make the most of it.

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There are many extraordinary young people who are making a remarkable difference, especially in terms of waking people up to reality. The nature of 3 is to SPREAD — and all kinds of things will spread this week… such as gossip, rumors, lies, hearsay, disease, fear, anger, information, focus, inspiration, optimism, enthusiasm, and courage. W ords, images, color, sound, and outer-appearances. See how the power of communication can be used to turn fact into fiction and fiction into fact.

And how the power of truth is finally starting to hold its ground. Spirals spin. And the spinning of words is taking on whirlwind proportions now. Your feminine energy. This can feel very stressful as these fast-moving final weeks of the 10 Decade pull us forward.

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To create a different future, we must learn from the past — otherwise we will continue to repeat the same old horrors! New ideas are rising — new solutions — new possibilities. This is likely to become more relevant in October, as things get even more serious than they are now. Meanwhile, the WILL of the people all over the world continues to rise to free itself. Our ability to resist comes from the WILL. Additionally, September 27, is a 3 Day in a 3 Week in a 3 Month in a 3 Year — and these four 3s produce 12 , which gives us another 3. NOTE 3: Much insight can be gained this week by reading the 1, 2, 3 , and 9 forecasts as well as your own.

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  • It may surprise you to discover how you, and others, really feel. This is a chance to regain some independence and start again in some way — with a new and more realistic understanding.